2014 Chair Audition Results

The Sparkman HS wind players have completed their chair auditions for the 2014-2015 school year.  I would like to thank all the students for their cooperation and hard work preparing for these early auditions.  At this time, only Wind Ensemble results are posted.  The remainder of the results will be posted soon.

Wind Ensemble rehearsals will start Monday, October 13, and will continue each Monday afternoon until Marching Season is over.  Unfortunately, we do not have ample time to perform chair challenges between Concert Band and Wind Ensemble or even within the Wind Ensemble.  Our complete program must be determined before the end of October.

Sparkman Wind Ensemble


Sarah Arnold
Randi Swanson
Aaron Nottingham
Michael Ferrans
Chelsea Owens
Jessica Bong 


Michaela Dubose-Schmitt 


Julianna Darby
Andreanna Trudell
Alisha Lee
Austin Fox
Casey Dattilo
Amanda Harmon
Mallory Kendall
Glenda Booker
Gabrielle Griner
Tori Phillips
Emily Seagars 

Bass Clarinets

Leah Sneddon
Sarah Nguyen 

Contra Bass Clarinets

Dancy Castle 

Alto Saxophones

Adam McNeal
Nicholas Hopper 

Tenor Saxophones

Katrina Strand 

Bari Saxophone

Patrick Morrison 


Jonathan German 


Lance Lindner
Ashley Brooks
Brandon Martin
Raleigh Poore
Jonathan Brown
Joseph Robinette
Scarlett Wellman
Jack Horton
Carlee Leatherman 

French Horns

Kendall Dattilo
Emma McGill
Stanley Koryta
Michael Lowe 


Sam Collins
Daniel Goode
Trey Fisher
Melyssa Garner
Ivy Meagher 


Caleb Missildine
Tyler Bennett
Kyra Wharton
Avery Dollarhide 


Khari Battle
Randall Fletcher
Bryan Hardaker 

String Bass

Alex Rice 


Nesya Green
Grant Gordon
James Davis
Hunter Womack
Mason Foster
Paul Buwalda
Patrick McDaniel
Olivia Sheil

Sparkman Concert Band

Allison DeSotel
Jazelyn Little
Mary Beth Gordon
Malia Hazzard
Carley Riley
Lora Stewart
Mary Derrough
Avery McBrayer
Beth Fowler
Andrew Lowe
Emma Eads
Brittene West 

Dacey Kyzar 

Kaitlin Lohof
Sarah Staggs
Caitlyn McFarlen
Jaylene Aguon
Danielle Bennett
David Tweedy
Shontel Walker
Ivree Datcher
Erin Roberts
Dianna Thompson
Bobbie Hargis
Whitney Tate
Amanda Morgan
Aliyah Williams
Katie Liggin
Gabrielle Cardamone
Alex Satterfield
Alexis Kirk

Bass Clarinets
Austin Tingle
Zeina Sleiman
Ethan Allen
Lauren Downer
Aly Carwile 

Alto Saxophones
Angel Bodrick
Rachel McGough
Nick Mastando
Jordan Ceasar 

Tenor Saxophones
John Frerichmann
Kip Puriton 

Nichole Story
Patrick Dailey
Kristen Daugherty
Youssef Sleiman
Josh Denton
Erin Vader
Tyler Tillman
Makala Paul
Deanna Berryman
Alex Barr
Landon Baker
Hannah Smitherman
Danelle West
Spencer Burns
Jena Hudgins
Jesse Magistrado
Meredith Jordan
Zach Eads
Austin Bullard
Kameron Williams 

French Horns
Hannah Mixon
Kayla Hammer
Zoe Kontak 

Bethany Jex
Doug Fowler
Carter Wilson
Natalie Thompson
David Stewart
Zack Perry 

Daniel Pham
David Shaw
Kai Kunkle 

Connor Murphy
Luke Haverkamp
Kai Perkins
Joey O'Brien
Matt Hosey 

Andrew Weis
Britta Kramer
Lucas Owens
Landon Jones
Shelby Dorner
Haley Tomlinson
Katie Liggin

Sparkman 9th Grade Band

Emily Nguyen
Lily Nguyen
Alexandria Jones
Kiana Waters
Leilani Connolly
Annie Beeson
Juli Chapman
Miranda Carr
Amanda Tillman
Jacquelyne Beard
Kaitlyn Cole 

Sam Sellers
Dori McClure
Olivia Batchelor
Cali Roberts
Serena Brooks
Kendall Greene
Danielle Tuck
William Kilpatrick
Addison Byars
Melina Connolly
Jaelyn Reeves
Alysa Eppling
Brooke Dynes
Amber Bodrick
Chloe Tittle
Nathanial Allen
Alex Gould 

Michelle Strand 

Bass Clarinets

Alto Saxophones
Grace Gordon
Hugh Byrd
Deborah Romine
Chandler Stokes
Hope Hoesly 

Tenor Saxophones
David Lee
Melissa Byrd
Jarrod Wheeler 

Amaya Booker
Collier DeVaney
Ryan Peters
Sarah Gentry
Alyssa Sons
Justin Martin
Michaela Wrzeszcz
Rebecca Brown
Regina Mpagi 

French Horns
Emma O'Brien
Gabe Canfield
Evan Baker
Kameron Purinton
Jonathan Levitier 

Kate Rodebaugh
Noah Darby
Carly Fridlin
Angel Askins
CJ March
Trenton Draper
Tori Thomas 

Thomas Wright
Christian Roberts
Paul Mariani 

Kiana Battle
Caitlyn Murphy
Ben Hinton
Seth Romine 

Steven Allen
Miles Wheeler
Ian Ramsden

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